If your app is crashing

If you are experiencing crashes when your app starts, even before having a chance to go to the Settings View. Uninstall the app and reinstall it from the App Store. This could happen if the configuration file gets corrupted (Not very common)

After restoring from the App Store, Restore your purchases (if applicable) and you will be all set.

If your application is crashing when loading online data, follow the steps below:

Go to Settings View


Perform a Config Update - If it doesn't correct it,

Perform a Config Reset - If it fails, delete the App and install it back again from the App store.

If none of these options help, please use the Contact Us button and send us a note. We'll take care of your app promptly.

If for some reason you cannot use the Contact Us, please email us to

If you have Suggestions & Requests

We would love to hear from you. All suggestions and resquests are evaluated and responded. Send us a note to